Why should I donate to Dada Home Org this year?

We know there are countless organisations working on necessary and important projects who need money to operate. And we also understand that there is only a limited amount of money each person can afford to donate each year. So why should Dada Home Org be one of your chosen charities this year? We will try to give you some reasons to support our work.

  1. All the money you will donate will go directly and immediately into funding the house for the Pariyar family. The members of Dada Home Org will personally help with the actual building of the house to save on money but most importantly also oversee and manage the whole project.
  2. Deepak is 23 years old and Anita is 21 years old. This young couple has to support Deepak’s two teenage brothers and their 6 month old baby girl. The young family unfortunately doesn’t have much support from relatives and aren’t entitled for government funding. Although Deepak and his brother have some work, they will never be able afford to build a home any time soon.
  3. Our main concern is that their metal shed will not be able to survive another monsoon season and they will end up homeless. This will make their situation even more unsafe and difficult, especially  for their baby girl. Anju was already hospitalized several times over the last months, suffering from unidentified diarrhea. Dehydration, kidney disease, brain damage can eventually occur – and unfortuneately, diarrhea is the largest cause of child death under five. Globally.
  4. A lot of NGOs have done vital work after the earthquakes, however, most of the help was concentrated in the Kathmandu area. It has been 3 years since the earthquakes, and if we don’t help the Pariyar family, we don’t think any NGO will reach out to the small rural town of Changu Narayan to help them.
  5. Although we are a small NGO compared to others (registered in Changu Narayan under the name Kay Garnay for Nepal), we have a big heart and love Changu Narayan, Nepal and its people. We work with other NGOs who have completed small projects but left a big impact. Among other projects, we are currently organising weekly clean up projects and planting trees in Changu Narayan.
  1. Because when you help someone who needs your help, it will make you feel good. Believe us, we know 🙂 and it’s not about how close these people are to you. In this moment, Deepak, Anita and their young family are just a few clicks away, hoping for support to get their house finished before the rain kicks in. Whatever the amount of your donation will be, it will enable us to build a home for the Pariyar family which will improve their quality of life forever. We – Dada Home Org and Kay Garnay for Nepal – are here in Changu Narayan right now and we want to build this house. Please help us help!

Thank you for considering us for a donation.

At this moment, all our donations reach us through Anne Marie Zammit, who is in Nepal and makes sure that your donation is handled transparently and does not get sucked up by bureaucratic fees or in some huge organisation’s infrastructure. We are a small and compact organization in order to make sure that every cent ends up where you think it does. That is in the hands of disadvantaged families in Nepal.

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