Planning the House for the Pariyar Family in Nepal

More and more crowdfunds are rolling in (stay tuned on your facebook page, see to the right!) and we decided that we have enough money now to start the construction process. We are currently getting  quotations for the construction of the ground storey of these two government-approved earthquake resistant houses:

Both designs achieve high earthquake resilience due to interlocking, metal reinforcements and four horizontal rings of reinforced concrete per house level. Brick masonry in cement mortar, being the most common construction type for low-cost buildings, is a quite common sight around here in Nepal, whereas Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks are a promising, new construction method, using mostly local free or low-cost material to achieve higher construction quality at considerably lower cost.

Our aim is to build a one storey house with a strong foundation so that it will be long-lasting as well as upgradable with a second storey, should need be. This way we won’t just be thinking of Deepak and Anita, but future generations as well. More.