Building a House for the Pariyar Family in Nepal

Phase I (Fundraising) is over, now Phase II begins – planning and preparing the construction. We already started to buy some essential tools like shovels and wheelbarrows, and some of the materials. At the moment, we are talking to possible contractors for the actual work. The Pariyar family decided to go for Potential House Type 01, because this is what they are most familiar with and they know it can work.

At this point in time, our draft plan for Phase III is to firstly establish a solid foundation with steel reinforced concrete pillars that can be covered by a metal sheet roof before the monsoon kicks in in late May. We are confident to finance this with the money we raised so far, and also buy a considerable amount of bricks, so that we can bring up the walls as more money becomes available for cement and workers.

According to our plan, it will be possible to add a second floor, eventually. See this PDF for more information about the house.
Stay tuned for updates and please contact us if you have any questions or ideas on how to raise some more money. To finish the chosen type of house completely, at least another 3000 EUR will be needed, which will be quite tough for Deepak and his family to raise without taking loan – which usually comes in with at least 20% interest per year for people like them.

Again: THANK YOU! We will keep you posted.