Estimated Construction Cost for Pariyar House

We have settled an agreement with a local contractor who confirmed our cost estimation and offered to carry out all the work for 1,25 Lakh (1 Lakh is 100.000 Nepalese rupees). So the calculation looks as follows (simplified):

  • 1,25 Lakh for workers / contractor
  • 1,28 Lakh for 8000 fired bricks
  • 0,75 Lakh for cement
  • 0,45 Lakh for sand
  • 0,68 Lakh for metal rebar
  • 0,70 Lakh for doors and windows
  • 1,00 Lakh for a metal roof (reusable for 2nd storey)

This makes a total of 6,11 Lakh (about 4.700 EUR). Transportation is included in the prices.


Up to now, we crowdfunded around 4 Lakh (3000 EUR). The Pariyar family is positive to be able to raise the remaining 2 Lakh from friends and family. For a total sum of 6,11 Lakh we will be able build a strong house with strong foundation and a metal roof – before the rain comes. Thank you all for making this possible!