Let’s build a home for the Pariyar family in Nepal!

Deepak Pariyar and his wife Anita, like many others, have lost their home to the earthquake in April, 2015. Since then, they have been living in a corrugated metal hut in a small village called Changu Narayan, Nepal, together with their six month-old baby girl and two teenage brothers.

Their hut consists of just two small rooms and two beds which they all share. They are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, dirt, mosquitoes and rodents, making it very unsafe especially for their baby girl, Anju.

Another worrying factor is the upcoming monsoon season. The past monsoons have eroded the knoll of the land where the shed lays and the family doesn’t think that the hut will be able survive another monsoon.

Unfortunately, the young family doesn’t have much support. Deepak and his brothers have lost their parents and the family isn’t eligible for government funding. Nonetheless, the family is trying their best to change their situation. They have bought some material to start building the house but without any help they will not be able to finish the house before the next monsoon season.

So we want to help! We believe that no family should live in these conditions and surely you think so too. To give you a brief glimpse of what your donation to Dada Home Org can buy:

  • EUR 0,15 for a clay brick
  • EUR 15 for a sack of cement
  • EUR 150 for a truckload of sand

The type of house we will build will depend on the amount of donations we will receive as well as on the specific needs of the respective young family. Generally, we wish to raise at least an amount of EUR 4500, as that will usually enable us to build a simple house with a strong foundation that can be extended later and provides a roof, a toilet and the necessary number of rooms for the family members – who usually share rooms.

Do you feel like giving something today and making a difference? As a token of appreciation, in response for every donation that exceeds a certain amount, we will send you a personal gift from Nepal. We will ship to your post address.

  • A handcrafted artisan product with every donation of EUR 50 or more
  • A Thangka painting with every donation of EUR 100 or more
  • A Pashmina scarf with every donation of EUR 200 or more

We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate money, however, you can still help these young families by simply spreading the word. So tell your friends, family and colleagues about Dada Home Org and our fundraisers. You can share our Facebook page, recommend our website via email or tweet about us.

At this moment, all our donations reach us through Anne Marie Zammit, who is in Nepal and makes sure that your donation is handled transparently and does not get sucked up by bureaucratic fees or in some huge organisation’s infrastructure. We are a small and compact organization in order to make sure that every cent ends up where you think it does. That is in the hands of disadvantaged families in Nepal.

Don’t forget to leave us your mail address – both online and offline mail so we can keep you updated and send your gift! Donate now through Paypal or contact us for other channels:


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