We finished building the Pariyar House in Changu

In a combined effort, we managed to have the house up and roofed before the rains set in. More pictures and info about the building process are available on our facebook page. Finally, the Pariyar family could move from their leaky and rat-infested shelter into their new brick-house. At the moment, they are all healthy and very happy about their new house.

The total cost exceeded the previously estimated cost by 800 EUR, so the actual total was 750.000 NPR (5.500 EUR). More than 3000 EUR could be raised through donation, leaving a sum of 1.500 EUR to be shouldered by the family and local friends. This extra money was needed to build foundation and walls strong enough to carry a second level at some later point. The Pariyar family insisted on this in order to add sustainability to the project, opening up a perspective for coming years and generations.

We want to thank all the donors, volunteers and other helpers for their substantial support. Without you, this would not have happened at all. We wish for Deepak, Anita and their family to have happy times in their new house. Namaste!